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Teja’s organic store (TOS) is one of the biggest stores in India.

TOS is an initiative of a special child (Down syndrome) for independent living.

TOS is an exclusive store for certified natural chemical-free products .it is a multi-brand store.

TOS has an organic product, Food supplements, cosmetics, ayurvedic Diabetic Friendly products, etc.

TOS supports the Sai Krishna foundation (SKTF) for the mentally challenged. SKTF provides medical services,

Support schools, financial supports for vocational training for special children.

Two percent (2%) of the total sales of TOS are automatically challenged. SKTF and also the entire profit of TOS has used the rehabilitation of SKTF.

We request you to permit us to set up the store for 2-3 days in a month for the display of our products.

This will help you to increase our support to special children for their rehabilitation.

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