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Herbal Bed Bug Spray – 100 ml

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How to get rid of Bed Bugs:

The bed bug spray is easy to use. It is important to open the windows and doors of the bedroom before use.
After inserting the trigger sprayer, the mattress needs to be removed from the cot and placed on the ground. The beading area which covers the upper and lower side of the mattress must be examined for white coloured eggs. If there is a presence of eggs, the trigger should be placed close to the eggs and sprayed so that they get wet. This will not allow the eggs to hatch.
Bed Bug (khatmal) Spray should now be sprayed on crevices and gaps on all the six sides of the cot The nozzle of the spray should be kept as close to the crevice as possible while spraying. After a few minutes, the bedbugs will be seen coming out of the crevices. At this point, Bugspray needs to be sprayed directly onto the bugs, so that they are covered with the spray. The aromatic oils dissolve the cuticle of the bed bugs.
After spraying, the cot can be cleaned up and the room can be used after 2 hours.
This routine should be conducted twice every day for 10 days so that all the bed bugs are eliminated totally.
Our Natural Bedbug Spray is made from:
Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are:
Non-toxic and biodegradable
Made exclusively from natural ingredients and plant extracts
Never tested on animals
Kind to waterways and marine life
Safe for kids and cause zero side effects
How Much Do I Need?
Size (ml)

Contains 450 sprays and is meant for low infestation.

For severe infestation. It comes with the 100ml dispenser.
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