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Herbal Mosquito Repellent Incense Stick

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Our Natural Agarbatti is the perfect substitute for mosquito coils. They are made from:
Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are:
Non-toxic and biodegradable
Made exclusively from natural ingredients and plant extracts
Never tested on animals
Kind to waterways and marine life
Safe for kids and cause zero side effects
How to get rid of mosquitoes

We recommend that you use our mosquito agarbatti outdoors especially in the garden or lawn, terrace or balconies.
If lit indoors, please ensure windows are kept open in order to allow mosquitoes to fly away.
Our natural incense sticks will help prevent dengue and other mosquito caused diseases and keep you and your family safe.
How Much Do I Need?
Number of Sticks

1-2 Months

15-20 Days
This is the best alternative to mosquito coils as it contains no harmful chemicals and does not cause any respiratory discomfort.


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