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Herbal Termite Spray – 100ml

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How to get rid of termites

Switch off the fan and air conditioner and keep windows and doors closed while using the spray and for 20 minutes after spraying.
Spray on crevices and gaps in infected wood furniture, doors, cupboards and on mud tunnels and trails seen on walls.
To effectively eliminate termites, Repeat spray once a day in infected areas for 7 days.
This will eradicate termites and will not allow eggs to hatch.
Our Termite Repellent Spray is made from:
Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are:
Non-toxic and biodegradable
Made exclusively from natural ingredients and plant extracts
Never tested on animals
Kind to waterways and marine life
Safe for kids and cause zero side effects
How Much Do I Need?
Size (ml)

Contains 450 sprays and is meant for low infestation. If severe infestation or it’s noticed late, we recommend that you use 2 bottles.

For severe infestation. It comes with the 100ml dispenser.


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