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Organic – Red Chilli Powder 100g

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Red Chili Powder spice blend consists of one or two types of dried red chilis that are grounded and pulverized into a fine powder. Foods are often enhanced with this powder, depending on the chilis used for the powder and the intensity of the heat in the chili. Chilli powder adds flavor and heat to ethnic dishes and is used in moderation as it adds a lovely red glow and sharp flavor to dishes without setting anything on fire.

The benefits of Red Chili powder are that it boosts metabolism slightly and is very rich in Vitamin C and provitamin A. Red Chili has Capsaicin and is proven to be an effective treatment for sensory nerve fibre disorders. Red chilis is also known as a natural pain reliever and is an effective treatment to prevent the stomach ulcers.

Terra Greens Red Chili Powder is certified under NPOP AND NOP standards of organic certification.


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