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Terra Greens Organic – Sonamasuri White Rice 5Kg


Enjoy Sonamasuri White Rice the way nature intended.

Our Sonamasuri organic rice is hulled by the hand pounding process. Using a mortar and pestle or a stone grinder to remove the husk ensures that all the nutrients and edible parts of the grain are retained, as the hand pounding process retains all the layers of Bran. Bran is the outer layer of rice which is scrubbed away during the machine polishing process leaving the rice grain with the endosperm to produce the white rice.

The Terra Greens Sonamasuri White Rice ensures that you benefit from all the minerals and fibers embedded in the rice grain. Our superior quality rice is certified under NPOP and NOP standards of organic certification and is tested for any chemical residue to ensure quality.

Switch to Terra Greens Sonamasuri White Rice and fall in love with rice all over again!


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